Peraturan & Persetujuan

  1. Agree upon the design /size and model of the goods ordered
  2. Committing agreement upon price and length of time completing the order
  3. After the agreement above a deposit of at least 40% of the total payment shall be paid
  4. The balance payment shall be completed upon the order finished
  5. Goods are ready to be delivered according to the determined address
  6. If the orders stored at Putra Uyung Jaya ware house will be charged as to warehouse rental
  7. If the goods are stored more than one months if is out of Putra Uyung Jaya responsibility
  8. If the orders are not taken with in more than one month, the deposit is assumed to be released
  9. If there are changes upon form and size the customers is responsible our the cost and material spent by Putra Uyung Jaya, and Putra Uyung Jaya will recount the price of the goods

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